Who is Sphere Insurance Group?

Sphere Insurance Group was formed in 2015 by insurance brokers, for insurance brokers. We are a group of brokers that have the interests of our clients ahead of our own. We pass those savings on to you, reducing the overhead costs that you would pay in comparison to other aggregate groups.

The FSRA (Financial Service Reform Act 2001) brought a range of new changes to the General Insurance industry. An important outcome of the FSRA was the establishment of the Authorised Representative (AR) model. To support a national AR network, a new, efficient approach to managing the business was needed, based on a computerised management system that would give Advisers access to products, assist compliance and enable monitoring and auditing. To have a single source of customer information and be accessible to Advisers across Australia, the system had to be underpinned by reliable Web-based technology.

Sphere Insurance Group is a 100% compliance company, so it is no surprise that our motto is “Do The Right Thing Because It Is The Right Thing To Do”.

Remember, Sphere Insurance Group does not pay you your salary, it is your clients that pay you, for the great service you provide, treat them right and with respect and in the end they will come back to you year after year. If you are interested in becoming an Authorised Representative of Sphere Insurance Group (click here), complete our contact form on our contact us page, and we will be in contact with you shortly. Alternatively you can phone us on 07 4564 9003.

Why Choose Sphere Insurance Group?

Sphere Insurance Group Management and Directors have over 100 years’ combined experience in the insurance industry. Our Authorised Representatives are professional, highly trained informed, not only by our insurers but also in-house and leading insurance industry experts from across Australia.

Our main focus for our brokers is the SME space, as well as larger companies and corporations. That includes Business Insurance, Property, Public Liability, Energy, Professional Indemnity, Director and Officers, Financial Lines, Accident and Health, Home and Contents, and Business & Rural Insurance.